3D Visualization of Digitized Maps

This application displays digitized maps as texture on a 3D model. The maps have to be georeferenced and provided via WMS or TMS. If it's not the case, the maps can be converted to WMS in application.

A reasonably recent internet browser supposrting WebGL is required to view the results. Internet Explorer 11+, Mozilla Firefox 4+ and Google Chrome 9+ all support WebGL. You can also check if your system supports WebGL on this page

Img. 1: application homepage

Display WMS layer in 3D

Fill in the WMS URL into the form field and push Fetch layer list button. Application will fetch information from the WMS and display list of included layers. It will also check if it's necessary to use a proxy to account for missing cross-origin headers. Using a proxy results in somewhat slower experience as the data have to be effectively transferred twice (to proxy server and then to user).

Select desired layer(s) from the list and push the button Display in 3D. A new browser window will open with a viewer application displaying the map on a 3D model.

Img. 2: WMS map on a 3D model

DisplayTMS in 3D

Fill in a TMS URL of the map. The rsource must use the same format as Open Stree Map. Then push Display in 3D button to open a new browser window with the map displayed in a viewer application.