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Müller's Map of Bohemia

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Jan Kryštof Müller began to create his map of Bohemia in 1712, again - like the map of Moravia - on the grounds of an imperial patent. The map was finished in 1722, almost a year after Müller's death

Müller's Map of Moravia

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Müller's map of Moravia was created on the grounds of a Josef I. patent. Its purpose was to map roads and toll boundaries for the country government's use.

Along with the map of Bohemia this map is an important source of informations about the changes in moravian and bohemian countryside at the beginning of 18th century.

1st Military Survey, 1 : 28 800, 1764-1768 a 1780-1783 (rektification)


Prussian Military Map of Saxony and Bohemia, cca 1 : 35 000, 1778 - 1800

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2nd Military Survey, 1 : 28 800, 1836 - 1852

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3rd Military Survey 1 : 25 000

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3rd Military Survey was conducted as a result of lost war with Prussia. This conflict showed 2nd Military Survey maps as out of date and unable to supoprt modern military campaign. The resulting survey campaign started in 1869 and lasted until 1885. Its product - 3rd Military Survery maps - became the longest activelly used and one the most important map sets in czech lands.

The new maps abandonded the 1:28 800 scale of its predecessors and used scale 1:25 000. and changed the map layout - the surveyed area was divided according to geographical grid into so called topographic sections (displaying and areas of 15´ in longitude and 7´30´´ in latitude).

Originals of topographic sections were coloured, but they were reproduced only in shades of grey by photography or photolitography

Special maps of 3rd Military Survey 1 : 75 000

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Special maps of 3rd Military Survey were maps derived from 3rd Military Survey 1:25 000. They were published shortly after their source maps - between years 1874 and 1880. These maps were continuously updated and published, sometimes in colour, until year 1920. As a result these maps exist in a large number of editions covering irregularly the area of contemporary Czech Republic.

These maps stayed in use as official maps of the Czech Republic until 1956.

Dra J. Bělohlava - detailed maps of Czech lands, 1 : 75 000, 1909 - 1914


Detailed maps of Czech lands crafted by Josef Bělohlav. These maps were intended to be shown in schools, municipal house, railway station halls, etc.

Map of France, Jean-Dominique Cassini, 1 : 86 400, 1756 - 1815

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Military-historical map of Italian Peninsula and Alps, Bacler D´Alb, 1 : 1 100 000, 1792 - 1798

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General-Karte von Europa in 25 Blättern, Scheda, Joseph von, 1 : 2 592 000, 1845 - 1847

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